Skat (Online Demo)

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The Game

Skat is a card game for three players. It is played with a card deck of 32 cards. Once dealing is finished each player ends up with 10 cards each. The rwo remaining cards are stored for later. Your cards are shown face up whilst the cards of the other players are hidden. A Skat game comes in several phases: The first phase is an auction. Here all players bid and the highest player can make the game. How high one can bid depends on the game you plan to play and the amount of Jacks you have. The player who ones the auction can (optionally) open the two extra cards and exchange them against two of his/her cards. This player also announces which game to play (which suite is trump). To compensate for this advantage the two other players play together against this single player.
To make a move in the auction phase, click on the speech dialogs. To open the extra cards click on the lock, to choose a game click on the game window which appears then. To swap extra cards against cards you hold, click on the extra card and then on the card to exchange. In the game you can make a move then by clicking on any of your cards.
The player who is to make an move is indicated by the move icon (a head in the white circle). Players playing together are indicated by two blue figures, whilst a single player has one black figure. The trump suite and game modifiers are shown as icons on the score boards.

This game currently uses the AI engine of the Open Source Game XSkat 4.0. Many thanks to Gunter Gerhardt for his effort.