Travel Information and Maps

Travel & Maps

This section presents travel information like maps somehow related to (computer) technology, that is by using mainly Google maps. Google maps offer a very easy interface to show maps with overlayed information. Some examples for these Google maps are travel distance maps using calculated travel distances and times.


And yes, I did get carried away a bit by playing with the Google maps interface and started plotting more or less useful information... Please, see this page more as demo for Google maps than as actual collection of travel data.


Distance and Time Maps

The following list offers some travel maps. The maps display the distances and travel times for a car travel starting from the given starting location. Note, that the maps interpolate travel data and can therefore be not fully accurate, especially for unusual locations or roads. Note, if you want such a map for another location drop me an email at


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Travel Health and Disease Maps

Disease mappings of some diseases which can occur when travelling abroad. This map is by far not complete and I entered only a few data maps where information was easily available.